10 elephant baby shower items you really need

So you’re thinking of planning an elephant baby shower?

If you have an idea of what you want to do, these items may help you save some time.
This list of 20 items will help you delight, decorate and entertain your guests.

1. Blue and Gray Elephant Garland

These garlands are perfect to set the scene at your baby shower. They can be used to decorate the walls and backdrop, or used creatively in your centerpieces.
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2. Little Peanut Enormous Welcome Sign

Make sure that your guest’s know exactly which house is throwing the party with this enormous little peanut welcome sign.
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3. Elephant double-sided cake toppers

Often generic cakes can be a lot cheaper than a custom cake. If you’re on a budget these cake toppers work well both on cupcakes and a larger cake as well.
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4. Little peanut party photo props

Don’t forget that as the host you will have to entertain your guests. This pack of party photo props will help you do just that. You could set up a photo booth for your guests or maybe work them into a baby shower game.
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5. Baby Shower games

Printable baby shower games are another cheap and quick way of providing entertainment to your guests.
The fact that you can print as many as you want on demand is a massive advantage to buying a pack of them.
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6. Elephant tablecloth

Not only are tablecloths perfect for protecting your furniture and containing the mess. But these elephant themed ones will fit right into your baby shower.
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7. Diaper Cake

Can you even call it a baby shower without a diaper cake? Diaper cakes are now part and parcel with baby showers. But they can be a little time consuming to put together. Why not skip a step and buy a ready made one.
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8. Baby shower soap favors

After the shower, it is customary to show your thank you by providing a little gift ‘favor’ to your guests.
Favors normally take the form of chocolate bars, cookies candles, soaps, or even liquor.
If you’re struggling to decide, why not take a look at these personalized little peanut bars of soap as favors.
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9. Invitations

Invitations are important because not only do they allow you to notify your guests of your shower, but they set the tone and theme for your big event.
This is the first time that your guests will be able to what theme your shower will be.
Invitations are good value when bought in packs, or if you have a higher budget you may decide to have them personalized and printed. Finally, you could decide to download a template and print your own.
We have gone with the first option in this example, and these invitations come in a pack of 50.
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10. Thank you cards

After your successful shower, why not top it off with a thank you note to each one of your guests. Make sure that your shower goes down in the record books as awesome.
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