13 Trending Baby Shower Themes For Boys And Girls


We’ve done our research and have found 13 of the most popular themes people are using for their baby shower’s and gender reveal parties.

Baby showers can be fun but also can be time-consuming to plan and sometimes a little stressful.

One of the most stressing things about planning a baby shower is what theme to use. There are literally thousands of different options, and if you’re not careful you could end up with a serious case of analysis paralysis.

So to help you, we have put together this list of the most popular trending baby shower themes. Hopefully, they will inspire you to make your baby shower truly awesome.

13 Trending baby shower themes for boys and girls

13. The Lion King –  Omega Center

It has been 24 years since the release of the Lion King movie, but even now it still holds a soft spot in our hearts and thanks to this has made it our 12th most popular baby shower theme. So if you want to reminisce over Simba then this is the theme for you.

The Lion King baby shower


12. Mexican –  Baby shower stuff

If you want your shower to be full of color and vibrancy, then a Mexican theme is the way forward. Bringing that flair and spice to your baby shower is guaranteed to go down well with your guests.

Mexican baby shower


11. Elephant (Little Peanut) – Rachael J Special Events

The old time favorite is still popular more than ever mostly because the theme is so versatile. You can change the color of the theme according to the sex of the baby down pink and blue lines. But you can also use neutral colors like yellows and greens when you’re planning a gender reveal party.

For little peanut baby shower printables click here

elephant baby shower theme


10. Princess – Mirror Mirror Designs

Thinking of going regal? Well, what girl has never thought about being a royal at their own party. Well if you throw a princess themed baby shower mommy can be the special royal guest at the party. The princess theme also allows you to be a little more indulgent on decorations as well as food.

For princess baby shower printables click here

princess baby shower theme


9. Mermaid –  Holyeucharistline

Little mermaid is a great theme where you can do a lot more for less. A well placed and colored table arrangement along with green and blue colored balloons as backdrops. You can create a quite effective look on a budget.

mermaid theme


8. Woodland – Kara’s Party Ideas

You can really release them creative juices with a woodland baby shower theme. If you’re an outdoorsy person or just love the great outdoors and the natural world. Then throwing a woodland baby shower should be right up your street, you can make playful representations of woodland animals and decorate with outdoor elements.

For woodland baby shower printables click here

woodland baby shower


7. Boss Baby – 2 Chick’s and Party

The second theme in our list inspired by a popular movie. There’s no doubt that his straight talking but playful nature captured the imaginations of adults and children alike. So why not throw your own boss baby themed shower, show your guests just how much a boss your baby will be.

boss baby shower


6. Winter Wonderland – Just a girl from LA

With the winter months fast approaching, a winter wonderland theme would not only be seasonal but magical as well. Winter themes tend to be spectacular with often white elements punctuated with color.

For winter wonderland baby shower printables click here

winter wonderland theme


5. Sunflower – Kara’s Party Ideas

If you’re looking for a fresh and clean baby shower, then the sunflower theme would be a great choice. Due to the primary color of the sunflower represented as yellow. The theme also makes a perfect choice for gender neutral and gender reveal showers.

sunflower theme


4. Circus – The Urban Mrs

Everyone loves the circus so it can be a perfect theme for a baby shower. You can wow your guests with circus themed decorations and spectacular baby shower games. Also for the creative amongst you, you can create food in the shape of circus animals and name special drinks after famous circus acts.

circus baby shower theme


3. Rugrats – The lord god exists

It is a given that the rugrats are a popular theme for a children’s party, but our research has shown that the theme is starting to make its way into baby showers. Call it nostalgia or a wish to keep it playful the rugrats shower would certainly bring a little childlike fun to the proceedings.

rugrats baby shower


2. Unicorn – Things a baby needs

Why not choose that wonderful mythical beast that is the unicorn. Sprinkle a bit of magic dust to your baby shower. This theme is widely used by people generally celebrating the news of a baby girl, but if the future mommy loves unicorns it doesn’t really matter the sex of the baby.

Check out our matching unicorn baby shower games

unicorn baby shower theme


1. Moana – Beeshower

Whether it’s the story or, we just love our baby showers inspired by movies. The Moana themed baby shower topped our charts and is crowned as the fastest growing baby shower theme.

moana baby shower theme

Need more inspiration?

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