6 Baby Shower Favors For Girls

Do you need a little inspiration for choosing the perfect favors for your baby shower?

We have put together 6 adorable items that you can use to say thank you to your baby shower guests below.

 It’s a Girl 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass, Set of 12

With these stemless wine glasses, there’s nothing to get in the way of your celebration!

Handmade Princess Crown Style Soap Favors

Perfect for your princess themed baby shower, giving out something unique will definitely impress your guests.

Baby Carriage Key Chains

One of the classic symbols associated with a new baby’s arrival, a baby carriage is sure to trigger smiles

Chocolate Drop labels for Hershey’s Kisses

These labels are a great low cost but highly effective way to say thank you to your guests. Who doesn’t like chocolate right?

Charmed Baby Bottle Favors

Fill these mini baby bottles with sweet treats for your guests

Baby Girl Tea Lights and Holders

These baby girl themed candle favors are guaranteed to make your shower memorable, they will serve as a reminder every time they are lit up.


Have you sorted the entertainment for your baby shower yet? If you need some ideas and inspiration take a look at our store. If you can’t find something you like just drop us an email and we might be able to do a custom job for you.

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