We have put together a list of the most common questions that we receive. However, if you can not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at this email box customers@deptbabyshower.fun

Custom Work

Yes we definitely can, in fact some of our most recent designs are directly from custom work that we have done for other customers.

Just drop us an email to get the process started.

Category: Custom Work

If the custom work is just to change the color, fonts etc of our existing templates you will never pay more than the cost our existing templates.

Where you would like us to put together something completely
different to our existing product catalog, we will take a specification of what
you are looking for then send you a quote for the work to be done.

We normally quote a 7 day time frame for custom work, so please make sure that you order well ahead of your baby shower to avoid disappointment. We will provide you with proofs and we will work with you to ensure that everything is perfect before you sign off. We do not charge you for revisions during this process.

Category: Custom Work


Yes they do, you have up to 7 days to download your purchased product before they expire. However, if you have purchased a product and your link has expired don’t worry, just drop us an email and we will happily send your product directly to your email box.

Category: Downloads

No not at all, we just add watermarks to the images on our
site to deter others from stealing our intellectual property. The files you
download will not have our watermark or logo anywhere near them.

Category: Downloads

As soon as your payment is cleared, which is usually
straight away you will receive an email confirmation of your order which will
also contain download link/s to the products that you purchased.

Alternatively if you navigate to the ‘My Account’ section of
our website you will have full access to all of your purchases.

Category: Downloads


Whilst many modern browsers including mobile ones can open
our templates, if you have purchased an editable template we recommend that you
use Adobe Acrobat Reader only. Opening an editable file in other programs may
yield unexpected results.

Category: Editing

The short answer is not all. Some of our templates are
editable and they tend to be our invitation note cards and banners. Where a
template is editable we clearly state this in the product description. However
if you are not sure about a particular product just drop us a message through
our contact page.

Category: Editing

All of our templates are formatted as PDF files, in order to open a pdf file you will need a PDF reader. You can download adobe acrobat reader  for free from adobe, however most modern web browsers have the ability to open and read PDF files.

Category: Editing


Yes we sure do! We use Paypal as our sole payments processor. Paypal provides one of the most secured systems on the internet.

Category: Payments

Not to worry, if you don’t have a PayPal account or you don’t want to sign up. Paypal have thought about this exact scenario.

Simply checkout as normally and you will redirected to the paypal payments window. From here just select the ‘guest’ option. This will allow you to input your credit card details without signing in or up for a paypal account.

Checking out as a guest is just as secure as paying directly through PayPal, and you are afforded exactly the same protections.

Category: Payments


Yes, we recommend that you use matte card stock paper with a weight of at least 110gsm however please check with your printer manual to ensure that it is supported by your printer.

Category: Printing

Once you have edited your templates to the way that you want
them, we recommend that you convert the PDF to an image (jpg) first. This is
ensure that your edits are printed as expected as some printers may have
difficulty recognizing certain fonts when left as a PDF.

To convert your PDF

  1. Go  to https://smallpdf.com/
  2. Click on PDF to JPG
  3. Upload your file
  4. Click on convert entire pages
  5. Your file will appear as a thumbnail, click the
    thumbnail to download your image
Category: Printing

Yes, of course you can, we specifically design our templates to be more economical with ink so that they can be printed using an everyday printer.

Category: Printing


Due to the fact our products are all digital, we do not
accept any returns or exchanges. We urge to be sure of all items in your cart
before proceeding to checkout. You can cancel the order process at any time
upto but not including the point that we have processed your payment.

Category: Returns

Terms of Service

By purchasing you agree that you have read the product descriptions carefully and that you are aware that we only sell digital products which cannot be refunded or exchanged.

However once downloaded feel free to use the templates as
many times as you see fit. All designs are unique to Department Baby Shower and
have been designed by a member of our team. You are licenced to use our
products for personal use only, and must not be distributed physically or
digitally for the purpose of resale, all rights including copyright are
reserved by Department Baby Shower.

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