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Imagine being a princess at your own shower, all of the decorations and food are fit a for a royal. You send out these cute invitations requesting that members of your royal court (friends and family) to come bringing gifts and well wishes to the princess.

So wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make this happen? Well now you can, we have put together this pack of princess baby shower games to entertain your family and friends. Finished in pink and gold leaf (this is an effect not real gold as these templates are printable), to make sure that your games fit it with your princess baby shower theme.

The great thing about our printables is that you can be entertaining and enjoying these games in a matter of minutes. No need to wait for snail mail delivery because you can download them instantly.

What’s included

🌟 Princess shower “I’ve never”

Every guest has to complete the questionnaire, points are awarded for each thing that your guest has done in their life. Points are awarded depending on how risky or scandalous they have been 😉

🌟 Princess shower “price is right”

This game has your guests estimating (if they don’t know) the cost of everyday baby items. The guest with the closest total to the actual retail price of this basket of baby items wins the game. (Actual prices will need to be collated for these items prior to playing)

🌟 Princess shower what’s in your phone”

This game is a fun way of learning how much of a mommy your guests are. Your guests must fill out a questionnaire by ticking off what is in their phone. The guest with the most points wins the game

🌟 Princess shower “nursery rhyme game”

We all grew up listening to nursery rhymes well now you get to test your guest’s memory of the subject. There are 20 nursery rhyme related questions to answer, the guest with the most correct answers wins.

🌟 Princess shower “alphabet game”

The alphabet game is simple, its great when you put a clock on it or get your guests to work in teams, but this is optional. Your guests have to write a baby name down for each letter of the alphabet, the person that either finishes first or found the most names in a specific time wins.

🌟 Princess shower “word scramble”

This game has scrambled several baby words, the aim of the game is to unscramble them. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

🌟 Princess shower “baby word search”

20 words baby related words have been hidden in a word search grid, your guests will have to go and find them. The guest that finishes first wins.

🌟 Princess shower “baby shower bingo”

This game will have to start at the beginning of the shower, your guests have to write down on their card what gifts the mommy to be will receive. As the gifts are opened your guests will tick them off on their cards. The first person to complete a row or column wins the game. (The center square is free)

🌟 Princess shower “name that baby animal”

The aim of this game is to write down the names given to baby animals. The guest that successfully answers them all or most will win the game.

🌟 Princess shower “animal pregnancy”

We know how long mommy’s are pregnant for, but what about our animal friends, the aim of the game is to match the animal to the amount in days that you think they are pregnant for. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

🌟Princess shower She Said, He Said game

There are 15 questions to answer where the guests have to decide whether the would-be mommy, daddy or neither said them. The winner is the guest that can answer the most questions correctly.


🌟 11 Games included
🌟 This package is an instant download, no physical product will be delivered
🌟 Answer keys provided for all games that need them
🌟 11 US letter size (11 x 8.5”) game cards (1 per sheet)
🌟 11 US letter size (11 x 8.5”) game cards (2 per sheet)


We have put together some answers to some FAQ’s, but if they couldn’t answer your question please feel free to drop us an email.



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